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What I am about at WikiEducator is essentially learning about education. I hope to my participation adds value to the education world community, flexes some of my own skills as an educator, and develops a network of like-minded colleagues that can help mentor me through the learning process ahead.

I also have developed a love for wiki environments. I hope that I can bring good things to WikiEducator with my experience in and knowledge of successful wiki environments.

Personally & Professionally

I am a professional copywriter and creative writer from Chicago, Illinois. I am in the process of completing my B.A. in English literature and Drama, and expect to complete a teacher's certification in secondary education shortly afterward.

To date, I have been published in two college journals. In my free time, I can be found writing for publication and competitions, teaching my dog new tricks, tweeting with my writing friends, drinking tea and playing video games, Googling myself, or talking in an English accent when I think no one can hear. I am a self-proclaimed Anglophile.