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Book Report


Reading and Writing


How to Write a Summary of a Book

Length of Time

40 - 45 minutes


Students will read a book and learn how to write a summary of a fiction book. This lesson will take about 40 minutes to discuss what to do and to choose a book. Then, students can read their book and write their summaries. You may assign this for homework.


Students will learn:

  • To read for understanding
  • To take notes
  • To write a summary of a book

Materials Needed

  • A fiction book of the student’s choice
  • Notebook paper
  • Notecards or small notebook
  • Pens and correction ink for correcting errors.


  • First, you will explain the definition of a summary. A summary is restating in your own words the main points of the book.It should be at least three paragraphs: Beginning,

Middle, and End.

  • Summaries should also not give away the ending of the story. You want readers to read the book, but

not know what happened without reading it. Summaries do not include your own opinion. They are different from book reviews.

  • Book reviews include the writer’s opinion of the book they read as well as a short summary.
  • Explain to the students that they need to jot down important information about the

book in their spiral notebook or on notecards so they can have it ready to write their summary.

  • After you have explained to the students what they need to do, they will read their books and take

notes. Then, they will write their summaries.

  • This assignment will take them more than an hour.You can assign this lesson and have them complete it in a day or two depending on how large the book is they have chosen to read.


You can grade the students'summaries on sentence structure, paragraph structure, and the content of their summaries.

--Jesatl 04:23, 27 November 2008 (UTC)