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Fashion Design and Illustration

Introduction To Fashion Design (Course Outline)

This is a course of study that I teach to the students of Form 1 This Course is made up of 6 Topics

  1. Problem Solving
    This topic introduces the students to solving a problem using simple materials. The problem is first analysed after which, the components which make up the problem are examined to extract a solution. The solution is then acted upon using readily available materials.
  2. Basic Design
    This topic exposes students to the basic elements of designing (Elementary and Secondary principeles) for esample
    • Lines
    • Direction
    • Shape
    • Proportion
    • Texture
    • Tonal Value
    • Color
  3. Designing Terms
    This topic exposes students to approximately 30 terms used by desighers in their everyday trade. The terms are explained in a student centered way, after which, students use each term in context
  4. Croqui Drawing
  5. Fashion Position Drawing
  6. Scrapbook Compilation

Activkty For Topic 1

Activity For Topic 2

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At the end of this topic students will
  1. Analyse problem into elements
  2. Determine possible solutions
  3. Extract appropriate solution to problem
  4. Create solution using easily available materials