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My profile


I'm Jenny. I was Born and raised in Dunedin. My Ancestors are predominantly Scottish and Irish - a bit of French too! I love Dunedin and New Zealand but have been lucky enough to feel my roots in Scotland so feel this is my home. I am married to Olly - we met back packing around Australia and have been married for 18 years. We have three exceptional, talented and beautiful children / young adults. Samson aged 17, Elizabeth aged 16 and Cohen aged 11. I went to University as an adult - in fact with two young children in tow and concieved my third during my second year - I started with a passion for neuro pschology and ended up doing social work with an emphasis on Law and Policy. I worked in several roles as a qualified social worker enhancing the many years experience I had as a para-professional in community based work. I came to Polytech in 2006 and I now coordinate the national certificate in mental health support work and teach across the school of social services in that the programme, in the counselling course and in the certificate in human services.

I am a member of ANZASW, I am a registered social worker currently non practicing, I participate on social work recertification panels and I am working towards my graduate certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching. The creation of this wiki is part of an assessment requirement - I have to develop a course design and record this on a wiki.I am new to these tools so it still all feels a bit daunting.

My interests

I'm interested in:

  • self awareness for human service work
  • empowerment,strengths and recovery models of practice
  • spirituality and its link to resiliency
  • history of law and human rights
  • legislation relevant to human services
  • historical and contempoary theories of mental health
  • And most recently - Adult education theory

My Website, blog and contact particulars

I work at Otago Polytechnic in the School of Social Services;

My Blog address is;