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Reading is the act of getting rfrom printed or written words. It is basic to learning and oneof the most important skills in everyday life .Reading provide the key to all kinds of information.It enables us to learn how to fix things,to enjioy stories ,to discover what other people believe ,to exercise our imaginations,to broaden our interest and to develop ideas n beliefs of our own.

Here are a few tips for those who like to read but unsure about how to acquire the habit.

  • Read a little at a time to begin with but read everyday,a book or a periodical.
  • Before you start reading,yhe mind should be invigourated and active in order to gain maximum retention.
  • Start reading with a genuine appetite for acquiring information.
  • To gain truly from the effort after reading,it is worth reflecting over and over ssimalating the information.
  • Avoid reading too much, an overload can also impair the strength of your aptitude.

Reading helps one immensely in developing imagination and increasig vocabulary because invarialy, when we come across new words to which we have to find out the meaning,to understand what we are reading.The input acqired from reading opens the door to exicting experincences.Devloping the reading habit will undoubtedly give you the edge neccessary for emerging a master in written and spoken.

To conclude, it is worth to Quote afew line of charles.W.Eliot,Ex-President of Harward University.

"Cultivate the habit of reading some thing good for 10minutes a day.Ten minutes a day will in 20 years make all the difference between a cultivated and an incultivated mind, provided you read what is good,by good I mean the proven intellectual treasures of the world- in story,verse,history &biography."