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It's such a shame that the world still has not learned how to love.


Jérôme Claveau
Just try it; we (your community) will support you

Contact-new.svg Jérôme Claveau
Website:Community Empowerment Collective
Employer:AIDS organisation
Occupation:Social Animator
Other roles:Volunteer Translator for Community Empowerment Collective; -member
Nationality:French Canadian
Languages:French, English
Country:Quebec Flag of Quebec.svg

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I finished my studies two years ago, and I am now considered as a competent Social Worker. As I was finishing my studies, I was chose to go to Burkina Faso to prevent HIV. Returning from this wonderful place, I found a job in AIDS prevention, but on my homegrown, and with homosexuals. I then moved to Quebec City, to begin at an Actor School, and I got a job as a social animator with people living with AIDS.

I am currently volunteering as a translator for the CEC.


Well... I'm really passionate by what I do. Althought I often look lost in my head, I'm conscious of what's going on around me, and I look everyday to do a difference within the world I live in. I love acting (meaning that I love to make people feel something (should it be anger or happiness!).

Through the years, I learned how to take profit of every little thing that life gives me, and to enjoy it.

Plan or Project for WikiEducator

I am giving some of my time to the Community Empowerment Collective. My goal is to give back a part of what this community brought me.


Today is: Friday, 19 August 2022
The time is 17:26, Zulu (i.e. at Greenwich)

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