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Today 25 February 2009

About Me... Hi! I am Jasamine and I'm proud to be a Penangnite (born, bred, etc...all in Penang!) Glad to be part of the family today but I still have much to learn when it comes to technology. Technology can be quite tiresome but I think a positive mindset will do the work. Technology is so much a part of our lives that we need it to 'survive' in all areas, hence my participation in this workshop.

Let's move on to my passions... I have many passions in life...sports,music, reading, learning and of course, teaching.

Now to my lifestyle... I live a very active every morning, 'mild' hikes at least three times a week. Tea, shopping, holiday, dinner sessions with my friends whenever I have the time!

My principles... Health should always come first...learning is lifelong & always share your knowledge with others...

What I think of the place I work for? I still have loads to learn from KDU Pg and I find every day a challenge. I also enjoy the camaraderie which is why I've been in the same institution for more than a decade!


HOMERUN(an activity to reinforce students' basic grammar skills)

  • First, cut a few strips (the more the merrier as it will be more challenging for the students)of comics from the newspaper (as an alternative, download from the the internet!)
  • Then, paste the different strips of cut comics onto a piece of A4 paper and label each strip with alphabets (or numbers) - Label this tasksheet 1
  • After that, draw a hexagon with four boxes inside on the board.
  • The teacher will now call out a word from the comic strip and students will look at tasksheet 1. The first student to shout out the word (tell the class which comic strip and where the word is from -caption) will have to answer three questions related to the area of parts of speech posted by the teacher.
  • If the student can answer all three questions, he or she will win or gain a point for his/her group!

Example: word selected: network

    • Q1: where is the word found?
    • Q2: form a sentence with the word network
    • Q3: form another compound word with the word work