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Delhi Sultanate


India underwent significant changes from 12 century to the 16 century.The onset of Delhi sultanateDelhi Sultanate transformed the face of Delhi and India at large.The sultanate is a collection of five dynasties namely_Slave,Khalji,Tughluq,Sayyid,Lodi.Each of these dynasties had it's own distinctive features.Each dynasty contributed to religious beliefs, dress,food,culture, architecture other than just fighting battles and conquering territories.

About the rulers Rulers of Slave Dynasty Some of the memorable rulers of this period are-

  • Qutub-ud-din-Aibak
  • Iltutmish
  • Razia Sultana
  • Ghiyas-ud-Balban
  • Ala-ud-din-Khalji
  • Gyas-ud-din-Tughlak
  • Mohammad-bin-Tughlak
  • Feroze-Shah-Tughlak
  • Sikander Lodhi
  • Ibrahim Lodhi

Delhi was the seat of power,thus the name.The city owes it's rich architectural marvels to this dynasty.Can we imagine Delhi withoutQutub-Minar,Alai Darwaza,Siri Fort,Tughlakabad ,Lodi garden,Firoze Shah Kotla?

Delhi Sultanate Photographs

razia sultana
tomb of iltutmish


  • Name the different dynasties of Delhi Sultanate?
  • Why is it called the Delhi Sultanate?
  • Who according to you is the most important ruler of this sultanate?Justify.