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Where Community Empowerment will be, and where it should be, ten years from now.

It is composed of three elements:

(1) the Community Empowerment web site,

(2) the Community Empowerment Collective.

(3) the Community Empowerment portals on WikiEducator.

Do you think that you will be around in 2020?

  • There are no guarantees but I certainly hope so. I do enjoy working for the collective.

Do you think that CE will be around in 2020? Should it be?

  • First of all, the collective should be around in 2020. Overcoming growing poverty will be one of the primary targets in future and CECs concept of “empowerment over ordinary help” seems to be one of the best ways due to its trust in communitiy’s self-reliance.
    Will it be around? I guess that depends on a number of things: spreading of the internet in poor countries, continuing volunteering, evidence of material usage, etc. I am very positive about the collective's prospective, though.

What will contribute to the difference? (To be or not to be?)

  • Political, social and economic changes (i.e. globalization, new global balance in economics and politics, etc.).

What changes would you like to see in (a) the content? (b) the organization? (c) the membership? What strengths does it have that should be preserved, if any? What weaknesses does it have and how can they be fixed?

  • (a) All the changes we are already working on: more languages, setting it up on WikiEducator, expanding the glossary, etc.
    (b), (c) The focus should be on reducing the level of disorganisation which is certainly one of the weaknesses (as well as the lack of popularity).
    The strength of the CEC is its concept and its foundation in volunteer work.

I believe there are two main topics that need to be developed. Environmentally Sustainable Communities and Districts, Mechanisms for Community to Community Dialogue and Fora. What do you think about those? Others?

  • I believe that both of the topics are very important. But I am pretty sure that empowerment will not be enough to challenge sustainability problems.

I believe there are two main elements that should be retained: Zero Annual Budget, and

  • Absolutely; the foundations of the collective lie in volunteering and the usage of free resources, therefore preserving independence and credibility.

No Examples or Success Stories. What do you think about those? Others?

  • I am not sure about that. Some evidence of success may help motivating volunteers and preserving the long-term existence of the CEC.

The emphasis is on How To, not on Why To (too many of those around already),

  • I do agree, even though the “how to” should not be exclusive.

written to be easily understood by a middle school leaver (even though many post graduates and professors read and use the material). What do you think about that?

  • I support it.

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