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Converting your Vinyl to Digital

Are you old enough to have a vinyl record collection?

Here are two ways for you to convert your collection and reminisce at the same time. I have chosen this topic for OER because it proved to be an area of extreme frustation, so many record collections simply discarded with no means of sharing a huge section of the past with the present generation.

Equipment needed: Portable USB turntable with sotfware, laptop or computer.

  • Connect the turntable to the computer using the USB cable,follow the set up wizard and install the software.
  • Select the record you wish to convert.
  • Place record on the turn table
  • Choose the correct speed setting and ensure that the gain button is at least halfway so that the computer can detect the output.
  • Start the easy vinyl converter programme on the computer
  • Place the needle onto the record and press the record icon on the computer.
  • When the record is finished press 'next track' and repeat until album is complete.
  • Once you have finished recording and listening at the same time follow the arrow on the screen and relax while your selection is converted and exported to your iTunes library.

Method Two

Using a portable USB recorder

Equipment: portable USB recorder, turntable, RCA cables and USB storage device-(jump or flash drive) Instructions

  • Connect turntable phongraph or cassette deck to USB recorder using RCA cables.These cables are colour coded so match red to red, white to white.
  • Insert USB storage device into recorder.
  • Ensure that you have selected phono as the input soucre on the recorder.
  • Power on equipment
  • Press the record button
  • Begin playing your record/ tape of choice and view the level of recording on the monitor.
  • Remember that you are recording to your jump drive so I recommend one album at a time until you have a good idea of the amount of space available to you.
  • Press the record button to stop recording, and repeat as necessary.
  • Hold down the record button for three second when you wish to remove your USB so that the wave file can be created.
  • Transfer recording to you computer library or CD.

Additional Information

Rudi Daniel wrote:

This program allows you to format in mp3 or mp4 or wav etc...and video too

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