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My vision for My Contribution to WikiEducator

My Plans for WikiEducator

I am assisting Phil on putting Community Empowerment material onto WikiEducator

Currently, I am designing a course on participatory management, using resources from the Community Empowerment Web Site. See: Participatory Management

I translated the FAQ file to Romanian. See: FAQ

Potentialul Communitatii

A Few Web Pages

Outside This Site

Inside This WE Site

Links to Further Resources:

Community Work

Participatory Appraisal
The Brainstorm
Participatory Management 2
Gender Balance
Community Project Design
Community Resources
Income Generation
Building a Credit Organization
Micro Enterprise Training
Measuring Community Strength
Monitoring and Evaluation
Report Writing
Managing Mobilization
Community Research
Water Supply
Non Material Community Development
Capacity Development
Promoting an Enabling Environment
After the Disaster


Sociological Perspectives
Three Classical Sociologists
Cultural Dimensions 2
Social Inequality
Sociology of Community
Family and Kinship
Socialization and Education
Crime and Deviance
Culture Change
Sociological Research

Akan Studies

Akan Studies
Akan Religion
Oil Palm
Akan Gender
Akan History and Social Change
Kwawu Maps
Kwawu/Akan Social Organization

Teaching Methods

Training Methods
Teaching Reading Skills
Functional Literacy
Management Training
Learning an Unwritten Language
Errors in Writing

Future Courses

Frequent Contacts

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Friends: Gladys Gahona Jibril Touzi