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I was born and raised in Romania and lived there almost thirty years. Now I live in USA, I am married and we have two cats. I have started volunteering few years ago for different organizations and so I got to meet really great people.
Now I am volunteering for Community Empowerment Collective, wich is a not-for-profit association located world wide which works on the Internet to produce, translate, and make available free training material for strengthening communities and a WikiEducator partner.

My Interests

Classical music, Opera (Check out Romanian opera!) I like playing Piano, Playing chess, Reading, Tennis and Psychology

Frequent Contacts

Our little band, and friends of CE

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Iulia Bulibasa Hélia DezimahataLory Phil Bartle
Shamsi Sohrab Kieran Groeger Jafar Filfil
Cristina Varela María (Nahir) Seijo Inês Pinto
Élodie Chatlais Valerie Taylor
Friends: Gladys Gahona Jibril Touzi