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Eng. MUBASHANKWAYA Isaac -Assistant Lecturer -IPB/BYUMBA


Honey bees live in colonies

  1. The worker bees in the colony collect various substances in nature, which their colony uses, for example to feed the adult bees and make the colony grow, as nesting material or to protect the colony. By collecting from the vegetation the bees also have an impact on the vegetation: cross polination leads to better fructification and to seed formation by flowers that produce fruits or seeds.[1]

Raw materials and the bees

  1. Bees gather substances from the vegetation, add substances to them, process them and allow them to ripen. These then serve as raw materials for other bee products. With the help of specialised organs and glands, the raw materials are transformed into new, very different products. Figure 1 is a schematic drawing of the location of products in the beehive. When we speak of a beehive, we are referring to both the bees and the whole nest.
  1. Since bees do everything together and pass the collected substances on to each other, called trophallaxis, substances from the bees’ own saliva, stomach fluids and gland secretions are continually added. All bee products also contain small amounts of other bee products. As a result, bee products can be made up of hundreds of different substances.

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