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Public domain This person is a Playcentre parent.


Title: Mr
Name: this is a name
Volunteer: Gur-Gonja
Position: Lecturer

There are two main projects

  1. Discuss e-learning with associations
    1. Discuss with team - Team directed to MyProjects
    2. Inlcude other teams and Standing Committee
    3. Discuss with associations to determine
      • What they currently know
      • What do they want? could be:
        • On-line curriculum reading resources, including copyright items
        • On-line tutorials
        • On-line assessment competion
        • On-line exclusive group discussion with others on same Playcentre Course
  2. Fulfil Learning4Content Contract
    • Math Workshop : Audience parents (who else!)
      • Introduction - whakatauki and/or waiata
      • Why?
      • Materials to use
      • Play ideas