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This conversation was created by participants in the CALL workshop, Fergusson College, Pune.


Salesperson: Good evening Madam! How may I help you/ assist you?

Joseline: I’m looking for a dress to wear at a party

Salesperson: are you looking for ethnic or western?

Joseline: western

Salesperson: You are at the right place ma’am…. We have a wide range of the latest western wear … are you looking for a specific brand?

Joseline: Not really! I’m looking for something trendy and comfortable.

Salesperson: Come this way ma’am

Salesperson showing and Joseline looking through

Joseline: Do you have something more subtle.. these dresses are too loud for my taste. Can you show me some in pastels?

Salesperson: sure … I know just the right dress for you…. This is a unique style designed by Ipshita creations. Specially for corporate working women like you!

Joseline: I like it but how much does it cost and can you show me some more colours in the same style.

Salesperson: Ma’am , a special discount valid only for today. Original price is 3500 but you will get it for 2999.

Joseline: well … I think it is a little overpriced.

Salesperson: I assure you that we are not quoting high… in addition I can give you as a special women’s day offer this beautiful silk stole absolutely free! Just for you.

Salesperson: will you be paying by cash or card?

Joseline: card ofcourse!

Salesperson: would you like to see some dresses in ethnic styles? We have a good collection.

Joseline: no thanks! Maybe I’ll back some other time.

Salesperson: ok. till the bill is being processed would you like to have some soft drink or tea/coffee ?

Joseline: no thanks…

Thank you! Please visit us again