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28th August, 08 - Trying to edit Templates:

1. Following a section: [ [

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Folha de Cábula da Wikipédia

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Criar Modelos


Training new Wiki skills - Activity four

I would be relieved to know that my learning contract project could be written in Portuguese, as I don't master the beautiful English Language.

I deeply appreciate the books of Christian Bobin, a French writer whose prose sounds like poetry.

Learning Contract Project

This Project aims at developing the knowledge of Portuguese

It is meant for young Students from Portugal,Angola,Mozambique and Brazil

It welcomes the collaboration of anyone that speaks and writes Portuguese

Indenting is important
Mainly when we are in a Talk Page
As we will very soon

Related Wiki Tasks

  • Find a Wiki that allows students under 13 to enroll
    • Hopefully this could be a MediaWiki...
  • Learn how to subscribe young students through a "collective" Gmail account
    • If not, I'll use the personal students e-mails.
  • Be able to share new Wiki skills with students along next school year
    • Opening an account
    • Publishing versus Editing
    • Basic Formmating
      • Wiki Syntax

Learning Contract Project

  1. Topics for a 5th Grade Portuguese Lesson
    1. Around a Story:
      1. Reading
      2. Commenting
      3. Creating

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My school site: CAD My blog teacher says: "Listen to the Wisdom of your Network" [ ""Activity 8 - Inserting iDevices""

Inserting iDevices

(ie 1=
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Tip: {{{1}}}


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Portuguese Tutorials Translation

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Case Study
Recursos de Estilo

To do List

Contact-new.svg Ines Pinto
Website:[ web.cad.6]
Employer:Colégio Amor de Deus
Occupation:Teacher of Portuguese
Other roles:Translator