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My sandbox

This word is bold and this word is italics.

Types of bullets & numbers.

  • I like ordered lists
  • And they are easy to create
    • like this
    • like that too
  1. I like numbered lists
  2. more numbers are better
    1. more numbers too
    2. and another here

Ancient Civilizations to 300 BC

Civilization began to appear about 5,500 years ago in the river valleys of:

  1. the Nile (North Africa)
  2. the Tigris-Euphrates (the present-day Middle East

Slightly later, Civilization appeared in

  1. the Indus Valley (present-day Pakistan, ca. 2400 BC)
  2. the Yellow River Valley in China (ca. 2000BC).

Other civilizations developed independently and considerably later in the Americas. From these original Cradles of Civilization, civilization spread outward in a series of stages over the course of the next 3,000 years. These civilisations affected the past as well as the present as civilisations spread throughout the world.

Adapted from: University of North California at Pembroke