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Manyana village is located the South-west of Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana. To reach Manyana from Gaborone, about 46 kilometers. The village is reasonably small with one Primary school and one junior secondary school. i understand there are about 17 churches in the village. The chief of the village is a vibrant and humble old man with a lot of history by the name of Kgosi Mareko "Marks" Mosielele.


Manyana villages has got some centers of attraction and it is also rich in cultural practices. There are rock paintings and Mr Livingstone tree the Western side of the village. It is said that Mr Livingstone had a rest by the tree during his time when he traveled as a missionary passing through Manyana. it is also said that the tree is one of the oldest trees in Botswana. The tree is also big and always green.


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There is a river called Kolobeng which runs through the village demarcating the village into two. The Manyana Kgotla is the only one village institution which is on the other side while the rest of the institutions like Primary school, Junior Secondary and the Clinic are located on the side of the river.

Ten Districts of Botswana

  1. Chobe
  2. South East
  3. North west
  4. Southern
  5. North east
  6. Gantsi
  7. Kgalagadi
  8. Kgatleng
  9. Kweneng

For further information visit the Botswana College of Agriculture