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Gail's Caribbean House
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ART 21If you need a reason for public funded television to exist, this is it. The BEST series on artist's I have ever seen. Check it out, we will be using some of these artists later in the course.ArtcyclopediaGood general art site, mostly image links to museums.Mark Hardin's ArtchiveGreat link with alphabetical listing of artists, mostly contemporary and historical European.Art History LinksAn amazing collection of links specific to sites related to the practice of art history, many are written, not visual, information.== Cities and Buildings Collection ==Over 5000 architectural images maintained by the architecture department at the University of Washington.= Infotrac =We will be using this site for some research projects. If you bought the most recent edition of the text, it should have come with a small insert that had a password with it. If you have any trouble with access, use the ‘contact us’ tab at the top of the site.This site guarantees that the information you are researching is actually academic, and not "internet junk". == Web Gallery of ArtGood reference for lots of art history images. ==Saatchi Gallery, LondonCutting edge contemporary art, plus a site where any artist can post their work.The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DCOur national art museum.Seattle Art MuseumMuseum of Modern Art New YorkMetropolitan Museum of ArtIslamic art collection, This is an extensive collection of Islamic art from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Access to their digital collection. Extensive digital collection with text information.Currier Museum of Art A smaller museum in Manchester, NH with a fantastic collection, much of it online.Henry Art Gallery The art repository of the University of Washington. An extensive collection and excellent search system.National Galleries of Scotland Extensive collection of artwork from many cultures and time periods. Two more links<nowiki>; These next two can also be accessed through the EvCC home page. Click “Library” on the menu bar, then “Images” in the middle of the page. That will send you to both the ARTstor and Camio links.</nowiki>ARTstor: Nearly one million images here.CAMIO: 95,000 images of all kinds. Smarthistory: is a free and open, not-for-profit, art history textbook. We use multimedia to deliver unscripted conversations between art historians about the history of art.Tibetan Book of the Dead Literature and Artwork on Prayer, Ritual, and Meditation from the Religious Traditions of Tibet, India and Nepal. Special Collections Department at the University of Virginia Library.Islamic Art at LACMA A good source for Islamic visual art from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts. A comprehensive collection from the Netherlands National Library. Includes text and descriptions and the ability to zoom images.Library of Congress: Our national library. This link is to the prints and photographs section, with search options and descriptions for historical photos and posters.Art History Links: Provided by Christopher L.C. E. Witcombe, Sweet Briar College, Virginia. This site provides images, timelines and categories for art from around the world.[ Aboriginal Art and Iconography

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African penguins.jpg

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  • Cream cheese
  • Bagels
  • Lox
  • Beverages


  1. Set the table
  2. Make the bagel
  3. Sit down and...
    1. Eat the bagel
    2. Have a drink

Dunedin town hall.jpg

My notepad

Bagels waiting to be eaten


My first thumbnail


The friend in my yard
Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa, between 1503 and 1505, oil on poplar wood, 76.8 × 53 cm, Louvre Museum, Paris
Edvard Munch, The Scream, 1893, oil, tempera, and pastel on cardboard, 91 cm × 73.5 cm, National Gallery, Oslo, Norway