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Hubert Barbe

Hello, I am Hubert Barbe, Head of Programme Seychelles Institute of Technology.

Comfort Air conditioning and Systems

This is an upgrading training course designed for practicing technicians and apprentices involved in Installation, Servicing amd maintenance of Air conditioning units (Domestic and light Commercial)

30 hours - 6 hours per day

The sessions run for six hours per day for 5 days.

For descriptions of prior sessions and information on registration, please email


More and more, technicians involved in refrigeration and Air conditioning practices are required to follow what is termed good practice procedures to avoid emmission of ozone depleting substances (ODS)in the atmosphere when working. The SIT is the sole recognized training institution in Seychelles which has the all the nercessary manpower and training resources to provide such courses to Refrigeration and Air conditioning Technicians in the country.

Air conditioning Course Sessions

Day.1. - Refrigerants- Old and New

      - The Issues
      - The Ozone Layer
      - ODS
      - Drop-ins and retrofits
      - Lubricants
      - Brazing methods

Day.2. - Refrigerating System and Components

      - Brazing Techniques (Practical session)
      - Assembling of Demonstration Units (Practical session)

Day.3. - Operating of Demonstration Unit (evacuation, Leakage test

        and Charging)(Practical session)
      - Commissioning of unit

Day 4. - Recovery,reclaimimg and recycling

      - Assembling of Recovery unit (prasctical session)