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Web 2.0 in Social Work

The social work profession is embracing Web 2.0 technologies. One of the first references to Social Work 2.0 was made in "The New Social Worker" magazine, which was started by Linda May Grobman, MSW, ACSW, LSW, in spring of 1994. This online publication continues to explore the application of Web 2.0 technology within the social work community. The first article of an ongoing SW 2.0 series was entitled "Caring Bridge: A Valuable Tool for Social Workers and Those With Critical Illness," written by Karen Zgoda, MSW, LCSW. It was followed by a column entitled, "Social Work? There's a Blog for That," by Karen Zgoda.The article noted that blogging was quickly becoming a phenomenon within the social work community. Both students and professionals had begun chronicling their career development as well as sharing information from their respective practice areas