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My Bio

Hollie.jpg Hollie A. Hirst OMD Student

I am a single mother with two children, ages 11 and 14. In the past most of my work experience has been in the service industry, mostly waiting tables and managing a health food store. I have also done a bit of volunteer work.

Most recently I have worked with an organization (Educate!) which raises money for educational scholarships for mostly refugee children in Africa, and a few years ago as a rape crisis counselor.

As my children are now a bit older and more independent I have more time to pursue my interests and long term goals. It is my intent, once the children are off to college, to move to the global south and work for an NGO which focuses on grass roots inspired sustainable development and green technology transfer.

I am also very interested in co-operatively owned businesses as a way to transform a society which is currently plagued by huge disparities of wealth and the violence of poverty. I am a strong feminist and highly concerned with issues of justice, diversity and equality.

My hobbies include yoga, kick boxing (which I also occasionally teach), martial arts (To Shin Do at the Boulder Quest Center), hiking, canoeing, snowboarding, reading, photography and travel.

My Links

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