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My interests:

I wish! Perhaps next year I will have some

Indigenous Zimbabwean Orchid

My work:

Grade 5/6 teacher at Bert Edwards Science and Technology School.

  • We try to incorporate inquiry based teaching as much as possible in all subjects
  • It is an inner city school with all the accompanying problems
  • My teaching beliefs:
  1. It is better to show kindness when it may not be merited than to refuse kindness to a child in desperate need of kindness. (We have many of those).
  2. If I can create a classroom full of activity and questions, the students will learn and want to learn.
  3. Offering redirection into learning is a great way to deal with bad behaviour.
  • My wish list:
  1. The parents of my students would not think of me as
  1. A psychologist
  2. A psychiatrist
  3. A miracle worker

My passion:

These things can get me really steamed up:

  • Children losing their sight because they do not have the right things to eat
  • My work
  • Uncaring use of the beautiful world we live in

My beloved family:

Gorgeous husband (Ah), two amazing children, 13 year old twins, one boy and one girl, a beautiful black dog, Mika.

My friends:

These are the neglected people in my life

Other pages I have worked on: inquiry lessons on electricity

--Hilville 03:05, 23 January 2009 (UTC)