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A little about my profession

Managing Information products have been the central part of my job description over the past few years where my major responsibilities included works on data management, internal communication, corporate portal administration, training staff as well as writing and editing content to deliver large amount of information into terms and concepts that users can readily grasp.

When faced with new information sharing tasks, I focus on assuring usability, accessibility and security of corporate content using appropriate tools applicable to the organization’s context. This practice is pertinent to boost donor relations, to share best practices across global offices and to make informed decisions.

Addis Ababa Map

Working on internal and external communications in a multicultural environment like the United Nations has helped me to always look at information requirements from different perspectives. In my current job, not only am I responsible for making sure up-to-date information reaches the right stakeholders in the right format, but also manage the technical aspects of the corporate portal such as server administration, user accounts management, troubleshooting and recovery plans in case of disaster.

  1. IKM portal
  2. FAO site

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