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My first image of flickr!!


RTENOTITLE  This one is from another type of archive

Heriberto's interests

In this first approach to the sandbox I will show you that I'm able to write in bold letters and also in Italics

even if I don't know yet where to edit the first text I've made.

My principal interests in life are:

  • My family!!
  • Music
  • Languages
  • Communication
  • Knowledge
  • Occupational Health, specifically,  Psychosocial Risks

Things to do before dead

  1. To say my wife how much I love her
  2. To say my kids to work for peace
  3. Share all the konwledge I've acquired in several fields of life

Some of my favorite links

1. My Institution!!

2. My first article!

3. And a video conference!!!:

Here in Wikieducator I've found some interesting links, according to my project: Some references in: [[1]] and [[2]]