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T.V. and Violence

How do T.V. programs contribute to violence?

Nellie Deutsch
Ort Guttman
Hen Keter


We all have the goal for less violence in our world, but there are a lot of causes for violence like T.V. that influences our children.
So my question is How do T.V. programs influence violence? I chose this question because I watch T.V. most of my time.
In addition, I want to know what people think about violent programs on T.V. Moreover, this subject is very important and it affects us every day.
My goal is to learn about violence on T.V., what it causes, and what can we do to resolve this problem.
I searched a great deal to learn what we should do to have a much better society and have less violence.


It has always been said that T.V. is a tool that millions of people use regularly in their everyday lives.
Television could be one of the popular technological invention of all times.
Millions of people now have at least one television in their homes.
Television is a great invention. Television has become a major problem, in our lives. Although television can negatively affect people, especially kids, it provides us with knowledge that we don't get at school.

The T.V. full of programs that include violence, Television teaches viewers especially young children to act and be violent.
Children who spend their afternoon watching T.V., learn bad behaviors.
Violence on television influence children in several ways:
First of all, children copy the violence that they watch on T.V., second of all, the children identify with one of the characters, they admire them very much so they can copy and act like them, even if they are violent.
In addition, extended viewing of television violence cause children and made them more aggressive, scared, rude, and encouraged them to solve their own problems by violence.
All that happened because of the T.V. violence that has large affect on children.
Do you ask yourself "Does the media violence affect children more than adults?" yes they have more difficulty to do the difference between good and bad and between real life and fantasy, because everything looks real to them.
This is the big and the major problem; children act like their violent Heros and they solve their problems like their Heros, by violence.
To solve this big problem we can do many things:
We can limit the age for several programs channel or even block them, we also can create nonviolent characters so they will have a good influence on the children.
We, as parents have to keep busy our children in other things except for television, in order to expose them to another way of have fun.

T.V. is the invention that impacts upon mankind the most, since that we can change everything, even the violent.

Nowadays, children watch T.V. for most of their time.
They are wasting their time on the T.V. instead of go out and play or doing their homework.


In conclusion, in our T.V. many violent programs have bad influence on our children especially young children.
Most of the people think that T.V. is full of violent programs.
In addition, many people realize that our children became very violent because of watching television.
The children became very violent, aggressive, scared, rude, and bad behavior.
These kids who spend their time in front of the television are try to copy the characters’ actions, they identify with the violent characters.
In order to solve this big problem we have to pay attention for what our children see, Moreover, even limit the watching of the kids.
The worse thing is that we are ignoring from this big problem and let our children to watch what ever they like, intend of fix this and take care of our children.
We have corrected this; there are many ways to do it we just have to pay more attention for our kids.


During the survey I found new information that I didn’t know before.
For example: most of the people think that T.V. is very violent, In addition, 50 percent of the people claim that reality T.V. has more violent than any other station.
Moreover, many viewers try at home to perform stunts that they saw on T.V.

After I did this survey I realize that T.V. is very violent.
On every station even on children station we have violent.