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Planning notes for OER Workshop Toolkit.

Pre-workshop activity Ask participants to develop a profile of themselves for their user pages so participants can learn a bit about others in this emerging community group. Suggestions for information that might be included in the profile are:

  • About Me - work, play, languages I speak, people who influenced or inspired me, my passion
  • Where I come from - about the country, city/town, region (links to relevant web pages), what's unique or special about my local community
  • Projects, Blogs and websites I write/create or am/have been involved in
  • My networks - organisations, communities or individuals I am connected with and what it is about these communities that keep me connected.
  • Education - What's my involvement in education, what do I want to achieve with the different technologies that are available
  • what I know about wiki?

Media testing

Flash test

Template testing

Mill, Helena (2007). Test, stuff, 1 ( 1), 1-3.


Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3
This is the text for Cell 1 This is the text for Cell 2. You can use:
  • Bullets
  • Bullets
  • Bullets
This is the text for cell three. You can use bold and italics
This is the text for Cell 4. If you like you can insert images as well.
The text for Cell 5 The text for Cell 6 goes here.

Fruit Orange dfgsfgsfgsfgsdfgsfgsgsdfgdsg Apple
Dish Bread Pie
Complement Butter Ice cream

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