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The University of the West Indies in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago presented a Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinationworkshop on ELECTRONICS for Physics teachers.This course represents one strategy of the University reaching out to its stakeholders and in so doing contributing to nation building.It also represents a strategy of the Ministry of Education to maintain high quality in teachers in its drive to achieve Excellence in Education.

This event took place from April 2nd to 23rd on all Thursdays at the Physics Department of the University at the St Augustine campus.The main objective of the workshop was to train teachers in the delivery of the specialised module of electronics, a UNIT 2 Module in the CAPE PHYSICS as offered by the Caribbean Examination Council,CXC.

Twenty teachers were selected by the university and because of the demand for this course, another offering of the course is to be planned. The selected teachers were as follows:

                  Mr Darryl   Waldron        Goodwood Sec   email              
                  Mr Urvan    Wilson         Signal Hill Sec  email
                        PORT OF SPAIN
                   Mr Sanjeev  Maharaj       Fatima College   email
                   Mr Neavonne Perryman      Bishop Anstey High   email
                   Mr Khaaliq Razac          Bishop Anstey High   email
                   Ms Naila    Singh         St Anthony's College   email
                        St GEORGE EAST
                   Ms Larrisa  Mohammed      Hillview College email
                   Ms Aarti    Dowlath       St Augustine Girls'High email  
                   Mr Mark     Seeram        Swaha Educ Institute  email
                   Mr Vishal   Mohan         St Augustine Sec  email
                        NORTH EASTERN
                   Mr Glenford Dottin         North Eastern College  email
                   Ms Krystal  Ramsawak       North Eastern College  email
                   Mr Alister  Gonzales       Toco Composite  email
                   Ms Anna     Singh          San F'do Central Sec  email
                   Ms Vishalli Tancoo         Naparima Girls' High  email
                   Ms Andaleeb Ibraham        ASJA Boys' College  email
                   Ms Nisha    Ramlal         St Joseph's Convent San F'do  email
                         ST PATRICK
                   Ms Nirmala Ramnarine       Shiva Boys' Hindu College  email
                   Mr Suraj   Gopaul          Shiva Boys' Hindu College  email
                         SOUTH EASTERN
                   Ms Shivani Narinesingh     Cowen Hamilton Baptist Sec  email

The course was delivered by : Dr Harinder Pal Singh Missan,Lecturer in Materials Science,email and Dr Davinder Sharma, Lecturer in Electronics,email There was good support in the laboratory sessions from a team headed by Mr Noel Charles ,email.

The Ministry of Education has shown its support for this activity with the successful facilitation through the efforts of the Chief Education Officer-Ms Yvonne Lewis, the Director, Curriculum Planning and Development, Ms Dipwatee Maharaj email and Mr Hollis Sankar, Curriculum Coordinator(Ag)-Science email.

The following was the schedule:

        DAY      DATE/April               TOPIC
         1        2nd                    Opening Ceremony/Doides.
         2        9th                    Transistors.
         3        16th                   Operational-Amplifiers.
         4        23rd                   Digital Electronics.
                                         Cocktail Party/Closing Ceremony.

The course ended in a grand style with addresses by Professor Dyer Narinesingh-Dean, Faculty of Science and Agriculture, Mr Hollis Sankar-Ministry of Education , and Mr Sanjeev Maharaj-Representative of the Teachers. Dr S Haque, Head,Physics Department, UWI chaired the function.Photos show the true spirit of the workshop.The workshop is expected to be highlighted in the local press and on the UWI website .