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About Myself

I am Hashim Hamza Chande working in Ministry of Agriculture and natural Resources - Zanzibar, Tanzania under Department of Policy, Planning and Research, Management Information Section as a Chief Infrormation, Communication and Technology Officer. I am also a part time Turtor of Computer Application at Kizimbani Agricultural Training Institute - Zanzibar.

My Professional and Accademic Qualifications

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My Accademic Qualification

I hold Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension from Sokoine University of Agriculture at Morogoro - Tanzania in 2002 and Muster of Science in Information System from Kampala International University in Uganda since 2009,

Professional Qualification

My major area of profesional is training in agricultural courses,and training staff on computer application, developing agricultural material including farmer newsletter, design database using micosoft Acces and VB 6.O, design website, do graphic design such as design various publications, video editing and publishing information to the Miinisty of Agriculture website.

The femous frouit in Zanzibar

CNN website Ministry of Agriculture Zanzibar website

My Hobby

is to listen radio, listening and reading news and watching television.

  1. Now I am attending one week Web 2.0 training course at Kizimbani Agricultural Training Institute