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What is Web 2.0

Web 2.0 for development is basically "the web applied" or rather "internet for a purpose." it comes like a new dawning era of the internet age where users can give a sigh of relief and say, "Now it all makes sense."

How Web 2.0 Can Accelerate Development

Fascinatingly, Web 2.0 technology has created a level playing field, and open space for collaboration. as billions of people explore, and interact, we co-create knowledge and everybody has a part to play in making the world better... FINALLY WE'VE DONE IT!!!

Web 2.0 Development Challenge

Though, the mixed bag of challenges and opportunities that this discovered knowledge of the "open space" offers need to be balanced, we have so much more to benefit than we have to lose.

Some of the issues include:

  • Privacy
  • Quality
    • Authenticity
    • Citabilility
  1. Challenges
    1. General Challenges
    2. Challenges for Afrika
  2. Opportunities
    1. General Opportunities
    2. Opportunities for Afrika


  • University of Zimbabwe
  • BUSE
this is a student at BUSE
  • National University of Science and Technology
  • Midlands State University