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choosing a research topic


A researcher may select a research area that is too wide and fail to limit the scope. this occurs due to underestimating the dimension of the topic. for example the effects of food insecurity. this topic may be problematic since the effects of food insecurity and its intensity varies by region and gender. the effects of food insecurity in Zambia may not be similar to its impacts in Malawi. it is also vague since the effects of food insecurity on education may also be different from its effects of politics:

an appropriate research topic


    • development studies
    • psychology
    • political science
    • public administration
    • sociology
    • research methods in the social sciences
  • dimuna
  • @patson
  • @lavel

.@lawrence .@eric

provinces in zambia

  1. southern
  2. eastern
  3. western
  4. north western
  5. copperbelt
  6. muchinga
  7. lusaka
  8. central
  9. northern