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Here I will develop OER for an Intro Course on HIV AIDS Treatment Literacy


Science of the HI virus and its actions in the human body

  • Medical knowledge of Anti-retroviral therapy and behaviour in the human body
  • International and national political economy factors that impact on access to treatment.

So what?

The knowledge will enable us to

  • Better educate our own organizations and the communities in our own setting in order to increase uptake into national treatment programmes and therefore expanded access in countries.
  • Overcome misinformation that fuels stigma and discrimination
  • Enable superior treatment access advocacy efforts at country and community level

How to sustain impact?

We will establish a follow-up mechanism to enable us learn beyond the workshop

  • To establish an e-forum to share experiences on community level, etc
  • In 3 months time, to submit a report demonstrating our implementation of training at organizational and country level.