User:Gurmit/Blended Learning Process for Learn Share HIV AIDS Africa

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  1. Invite institutional partners
  2. Secure facilitators commitment
  3. Stimulate large group (cmty media) by introducing topic area (e.g. HIV AIDS)
  4. Assess interest and monitor dialogue
  5. When sufficient mass, create a new cmty group (eg Learn Share HIV AIDS)
  6. In the meantime, refine and develop concept and branding for larger project (Learn Share)
  7. Also, secure funds for pp.
  8. Develop pp. selection criteria, and pre-workshop assessment of needs (qualitative, not quantitative)
  9. Send out open invitation for Wiki skills training
  10. Develop basic Wikis on the project
  11. Allow 1-2 weeks for everyone to become comfortable with Wikis, and making their user pages
  12. Introduce institutional partners into the discussion group
  13. Start collating relevant topical resources (e.g Gail and Doreen's materials)
  14. Over 2 weeks just before the workshop, start introducing the topics through structured online discussions
  15. Identify co-facilitators
  16. Invite pp to reflect on their motivations and expectations (tapping into their NA responses)
  17. ....more to follow

(Comment.gif: What would be great here is a visual map, timeline)