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Hi/Kia Ora my name is Peter Guiney and I work in the e-learning team in New Zealand's (NZ) Ministry of Education. My main focus here is to improve the knowledge and capability of NZ's tertiary education sector in e-learning.

How? Well obviously there is one of me and thousands of people/organisations/learners in NZ's tertiary sector so I need to work with others such as Wayne and the FLOSS/Pacific crew to help 'spread the word'. Also provide professional development advice and strategies to 'upskill' teachers and decision makers through (in part) the publishing and acquisition of relevant and appropriate research, guidelines etc.

I also play a role in organising Ministry partnerships with other government agencies, stakeholder groups etc. This is based on my view that the system is shared and needs to be created in partnership between government and key stakeholders.

This is not everything but more top of head/top of mind stuff and happy to fill in the blanks for those who are interested.

One of the major issues we face in NZ is how to effectively incorporate the learner voice into our work. Funding is another major issue with limited resouurces and significant demand and possibilities. Also how do we transition the tertiary workforce and organisations into effectively using e-learning? Again this is top of mind issues there are others happy to talk more.

As I have indicated I am very interested to talk more to those in the community involved in tertiary e-learning so we can share our experiences and knowledge relating to tertiary e-learning to hopefully improve the outcomes for our learners, teachers and organisatons as we move down the challenging and exciting path towards a knowledge soicety and economy. This is the main power and value of the wiki so let's start the journey together.

Talk soon/ka kite best wishes Peter.

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