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This word is bold and this word is italics. And this is underlined.

Puzzling over what I should do

Course specific nature of my resources

I constantly produce resources, but they tend to be specific to the courses I teach. I have to think about what would make sense to other people. Here are some possibilities:

  • an exercise using AWL
  • one of the 'talking the talk' exercises for language learning processes
  • a reading exercise

Personal barriers

But that's not it! I realise the main barriers are personal:

  1. I am not a digital native, the internet is for me a work tool, and I have been happy to incorporate it thus, one small step at a time. But it brings me no sense of pleasure, no excitement, rather a sense of dread. So the notion of using it for exploration, even of opening all those nice blue hyperlinks to have a look at the other examples of resources we were sent to, just filled me with dread. I will have to try again on a day when I have plenty of time (ha ha!)
  2. Wikis are essentially communal, and I enjoy working with a sense of community, but the web is not my source of community. I can maintain communities through web processes, but it's not where I naturally look to create them, so that is another barrier.

External links

This is the Lexical Tutor website which I find useful for exploring how words are used in text

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