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Grant Gundersen, CIS2 Student, De Anza College

My Name is Grant Gundersen.  I am a student in CIS2 at De Anza College, Distance Learning Program.

Wiki Educator has enabled me to create my own page, I have located the upload tools and begun creating images for my wiki page as well as my group project, Global Economic Integration.

Building a Wiki Page

I wanted to begin with a section about editing. I am a beginner, with XHTML and CSS, so when I began to create my Wiki, I was thrown off, a little, by Wiki_markup. I went to the Help Files and started reading through the sections on Wiki Text and what it can do. More importantly, what are the codes for the basic things I can already do in HTML. In the following sections, I'll briefly describe some Wiki basics so you can build your pages more professionally, "right off the bat."

Subsection 1

One of the stand-outs, in a Wiki page when I read it, is the table of contents. How do I create my table. Well, you create it as you go, which is very good, because you don't have to have an entire page layed out to start building a viable reference page. In the Wiki Text editor, you can begin with a title. Your title will be surrounded by single, equal signs:
The sub heading below title will get two, equal signs:
"==Heading 1=="
And so forth and so on, where we in the XHTML world, we would normally use h1, h2, h3 tags. These sections and subsections arbitrarily build the table of contents.

Wiki Editor + CSS

You are able to use CSS Shorthand Properties with wiki editor, using the HTML style tag to style your texts.

Project 6: Global Economic Integration

Here is a link to my CIS2, Summer Project Page, titled, Global Economic Integration. Group 6 Project Page

Work In Progress

Please check back for updates on our project

Original Artwork

Tar Heel Reader Project, Photo By:Grant Gundersen
Original Art by: Grant Gundersen

Web Design

I am a beginning web designer. I have a domain and a website hosted by Below is a link to my webmaster info page.

Webmaster Info Page