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Health Issues


What is HIV & AIDS:
Modes of Contracting HIV/AIDS::
Signs & Symtoms::
  • coughing
  • constant fever
  • Weight loss
  • more than <10%
  • Thrush
  1. Skin infection
    • Rashes
  2. Tuberculosis

Women are the most honest in the world [1] [2] File:C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures\yemi's sentfort party

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How do you create a table in SQL?

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1. What are the features of Oracle 10g Database?

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2. What is SQL?

{{Assignment|This assignment is compulsory

  1. What is a Table in SQL
  2. How is a able created in SQL
    1. Differentiate between Primary and Foreign keys
    2. Why are tags necessary an Oracle 10g Database?