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[blockquote][size=5][i]behind the mask ,[/i][/size]

[sub][blockquote]your name – clint your age – seventeen years roleplaying – four randomm? – i’m clint james, bitch. how'd you find us? - ad on gossip girl roleplay. another randomm!? – i know the secret handshake, yo. the dreaded sample post –


[i][size=5]star of the show , [/size][/i]


[sub][b][size=4]act one , [/size][/b]

[blockquote]name – rebecca nichole elrick age – seventeen (turning eighteen on the twenty-seventh) orientation – straight birthday – december twenty-seventh, nineteen ninety face claim – hayley williams birthplace – asheboro, north carolina parents – lionel elrick, 49, alive amelia williamson, 44, alive siblings – nicolas elrick, brother, 23, alive taylor elrick, sister, 20, alive current location – santa ana grade – senior [/blockquote]

[size=4][b]first intermission , [/b][/size]

[blockquote]how do you feel about your life so far? – “My life? It’s alright; I mean, I’m not like one of those high school dropout kids. I’m a senior, and get fairly good grades if I do say so myself. Of course, I’ve recently been slacking on getting homework done because I’ve been more busy living my life than getting schoolwork done. Who works on homework when you can have fun? (Ouch, that rhymed. aha)” what are your goals for the future? – “I want to get into photography when I get older. More specifically, band photography. It’s my dream, to photograph for Breathe Carolina, Mayday Parade, and the like. I am still trying to decide whether I should attend college to perfect my photography skills.”[/blockquote]

[b][size=4]act two , [/size][/b]

[blockquote]hair color – orange-brown eyes color - green height - 5'2” piercings – both ears once tattoos – not telling brief description of personal style - Becky Elrick is a girl who doesn’t care what other people think, and that especially includes her style. Her clothes usually consist of tight jeans, a patterned or multicolored hoodie, skate shoes, and one or two Betsey Johnson pieces. The Betsey Johnson pieces were usually handed down from her older sister when she outgrew them, and Becky found them rather appealing. It was never a good thing to bash Becky for wearing something of Betsey Johnson’s because, no matter how fashionable she seemed, she could still pound your face in.

Becky loved her hair. She straightened it constantly, as it usually carried a wavy consistency, as well as dyed it. One week it might be auburn, and the next it would be orange with yellow streaks running through it. It’s even got as far as deep purple. Nobody really knows what her real hair color is from her changing it all the time. Everyone seems to love every color she puts into her hair though, which causes her to dye it even more so.[/blockquote]

[b][size=4]second intermission ,[/size][/b]

[blockquote]you've just won a vacation to a deserted island and you have two minutes to pack. what do you bring? – “This is quite the hard question. I would probably bring my iPod, some cans of Pepsi in a cooler with ice, and some food. I don’t see what else I could really bring. I mean, I’d have no use for my laptop, since there would be no service on the island, and anything else is just preposterous.”[/blockquote]

[b][size=4]act three ,[/size][/b]

[blockquote]loves - hates - role model and why – “My role model would probably be Joan Jett. If you don’t know who she is, look her up. Her music is amazing, but what I love most about her is her persistence. She never gives up on what she wants, and she always knows when to keep going until she gets it. She’s also a vegan, of which I also am, and it makes me proud to see a persistent vegan making her way in the music business.” describe your perfect date – “Perfect date? I haven’t been on a date in such a long time, so my standards are pretty low; but I’ll take a go at it. My perfect date would probably just be hanging out at my date’s house, drinking beer and doing crazy stuff. The night would end with us curling up on the couch and falling asleep in each other’s arms, then helping each other with hangovers the next morning. Ah, the good old days.” bad habits - talents - brief description of personality [three paragraphs minimum] - history – Becky Elrick was born to Lionel and Amelia Elrick on December 27th, 1990 in Asheboro, North Carolina. They were a middle-class family at the time, not having a hard time living at all. When Becky got to be around twelve, her parents were a few thousand dollars in debt and, not wanting to involve Becky in their problems, sent her to live with her aunt and uncle in Santa Ana, California. It turned out not to be what Becky expected, as it was nothing like Asheboro. Even though that often got in her way, she soon got used to the traditions and routines that Santa Ana presented her. She met new friends along the way, and even fell for a boy who she’s sure is gay, but she can’t help but be intrigued by his charm.

Growing up posed less problems for Becky than moving to Santa Ana did. As she developed in school, she had fairly good grades, A minuses and Bs, until she reached grade 6. When she reached grade 6, the day before her birthday during that year, her school was burned down by a few arsonists that thought it was funny. This caused Becky to have to transfer schools, and the new school definitely posed problems for her. The teachers were snooty and didn’t care if you succeeded or not, and her fellow students were the most horrible people you would ever meet.

After the move to Santa Ana, Becky found that the school she was enrolled in wasn’t even half as bad as her school back in Asheboro, but she had a hard time getting used to the idea. It took her a while to make friends, and find her place in the city. She soon made her mark, however, and now is living the high life. Well… the high life in her books.