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About Myself

I am Goitom Tegegn. I am from Mekelle City, a bright city in Northern Ethiopia. I work at Mekelle University as an Acting Director for the Corporate Communication and Marketing Office. By profession, I am a multiculturalism based in the Department of Foreign Languages working as a Lecturer.

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Boginda's Page


The advancement of technology from time to time has always been a source of my fascinations. It is a blessing to be part of a society in which the role of technology has made life simpler and more secured. My constant effort to learn whatever is new on the net then comes from my deep interest to know.



The innovations and technology advancements that we are experiencing are so crucial that we have to make sure they reach every human being at every corner across the globe. In doing so, I am sure the world will get a better place. This is because technology helps us to have more faster communication and communication always has been the catalyst in successful development works.