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MATLAB Social Network Analysis package

Humans are social animals pur sang. Literature on public health abounds in homage to support networks, social networking websites are hot, and entire election campaigns are built around the concept of community. But what is a social network? What constitutes a community? It is generally assumed that the answer to these and other questions (about the spread of disease, cultural change, and crime, for ezample) can be found in the structure of the network. So what is this structure? A plethora of methods, measures and algorithms have been developed to answer this question.

This package is provided to give the MATLAB community access to these methods for free. The package does not aim to be comprehensive, as it would be more than a full time job keeping up with the myriad articles that are published on social network analysis each month. Rather, it is extensible so that you can make it comprehensive for your own purposes. To this end, the package hase been designed with the common adjacency matrix representation of networks in mind, leveraging the powerful tools for dealing with matrices and the new object-oriented approach that MATLAB provides. This makes for easy extension of the always incomplete suite of tools, by the almost 1-to-1 correspondence between mathematical formulation and code that MATLAB provides.