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MATLAB Cellular Automata Class

The profoundly scientific analysis of Cellular Automata was first introduced by Stephen Wolfram in 1984. His computational experiments showed the complexity that Cellular Automata can produce, and also that this complexity can be structured into distinct classes. Many of his experiments and discoveries, as he also acknowledges in the introduction to his book "A New Kind of Science," would not have been possible without Mathematica, which has built-in functionality for Cellular Automata.

In MATLAB, this functionality has been lacking, until today. This package will allow you to experiment with generic Cellular Automata in arbitrary dimensions, and visualise their evolution over time (up to 3-dimensional Cellular Automata) in various ways. In the process, a number of MATLAB functions have been re-implemented for improved speed, and to lift some restrictions on input and output. Re-implemented functions include: base2dec, dec2base, sub2ind and ind2sub.