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Reflection #1 What eggsactly is good for your teeth?

I really enjoyed our first teaching experience, I feel as though it enabled us to experiment to see what approaches would lead to success or failure. Last year was the first time I taught alone when in Schools and Society my host teach let me teach little groups the recorder. This time it was at times difficult to teach in a group. I mean it work very well and got better each time but for some it was hard to share the speaking time, it was not as though the other did not have anything to say it was just that we had to compete to get a word in. Eventually, however, we each settled into our own portion of the lesson and the teaching was divided more equally. With the kids it was interesting to see their reactions, the first group absolutely loved our lesson and kept walking by telling other groups ours was the best, the groups thereafter did not dislike ours but we had to work a little harder to keep up their interests. It was really important that we see a variety of students and I believe we did. When there were quiet students that were shy we made sure to get them involved as much as we could. Overall it was a great experience I have no complaints it went smoothly and I learned a lot about the way I teach and the others in my group. As aforementioned my only complaint was that someone had trouble letting the other members speak at times which was frustrating but we slowly evened it out.

Gabrielle M.