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  • Learn and become familiar with the Syntax for WikiEducator. See some basic editing tips by clicking Editing Tips For WikiEducator
  • Interact with the global community of WikiEducators to find others who share my various interests as teacher, Botanist, researcher, educator, poet, photographer...
  • Through personal contact and through Workshops get more educators to join hands here.
  • Add content to existing topics and start some new ones. I am taking feedback from my students regarding this.
  • Expand the WikiEducator community by discussions with persons who have similar ideas on education access to all.
  • As a Botany teacher I have learnt a lot of interesting things about the world of plants.Some from my own teachers and others by experience. I will share those with the International Community.
  • Teaching and learning by designing new experiments and local examples to understand scientific concepts has been my approach. I will share those as a WikiEducator