User:Gita Mathur/On this page I have samples of various methods of putting in Photographs on a WikiEducator page.

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Note the followings:

  1. a smiley image in the top box
  2. picture of Flag of India in a small size on top of the page
  3. small photo of me just below the flag
  4. my photo inside the box on the right
  5. images of Wiki Certification, Wikineighbour and Ubuntu user in the box
  6. four bigger photos one below the other. Read the caption by holding the curser on the photo
  7. my photo Gallery with thumbnails and captions in frame
  8. click on the thumbnails to see enlarged photo.
  9. Flag of India in a big size. Showing movement
  10. image of a string of flowers, bright & showing sparkling effect.
  11. additional smilies in many places
  12. three contact sheets each having 12 photos under a common heading, left aligned one below the other
  13. click on them to enlarge and click again to further enlarge
  14. Microscopic image of dividing cells of onion root tip to show all the stages of cell division. click to enlarge the photo.
  15. at the bottom of the page see the ornamental bells string image
  16. last is an animated teacher asking you to check out my page :-)

See all the options, select the one you prefer when you want to add a picture on your WikiEducator page.