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My Resume for F2F


Dr. (Mrs.) Gita Mathur


New Delhi, INDIA

E-mail Address


Designation Official Address:


Associate Professor of Botany
Department of Botany
Gargi College (University of Delhi)
Siri Fort Road, New Delhi – 110 049


Principal Investigator
Botany Research Laboratory
Department of Botany
Gargi College (University of Delhi)
Siri Fort Road, New Delhi – 110 049

Academic Qualifications

B.Sc. Hons. – Botany 1974 University of Delhi
M.Sc. – Botany 1976 University of Delhi
Ph.D. – Botany 1983 University of Delhi

Post-Doctoral Research 1996 onwards at Botany Research lab, Developed by me at Gargi College.

Research Theses

  • M.Sc. – 1976 Physio-Chemical Studies on Phenolic Constituents of Seeds of Antigonon leptopus
  • Ph.D. – 1983; Flower Colour Changes and Pollination in Lantana camara

Field of Specialization


Anthecology and Plant Reproductive Biology


  • Ecology and Environmental Management-I guide student's Ecology research projects(25 to 35) every year
  • Economic Botany
  • Archegoniatae
  • Plant Physiology
  • Tissue Culture Techniques

Post Doctoral Research

  • Reproductive Biology of Eggplant – Solanum melongena as a research project awarded by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, since 1996.
  • Studies on Effect of Environmental Changes on Selected Herbaceous Plants of Delhi, as a research project awarded by University Grants Commission, Government of India, since 2001.


24 technical papers and popular articles in National and International journals and Conferences

Awards and Scholarships

  • Merit Scholarship awarded by Centre of Advanced Studies in Botany, DU, For 2 years during M.Sc.
  • Junior Research Fellowship, UGC, 1977-1979.
  • Senior Research Fellowship, UGC, 1979-1981
  • UNESCO Special award for Environmental Education, 1992
  • Major Research project awarded by DST, 1996.
  • Minor Research project awarded by UGC, 2001.
  • Woman of the Year 2001 Award by the American biographical Institute, North Carolina, USA
  • Distinguished Teacher Award of University of Delhi, September 2009.

Visit to St. Louis, USA

Participated in the International Botanical Congress & presented a technical paper in 1998 based on the work done in research lab in Gargi College.

Summary of work experience / career history'and Details of facilitation and/or teaching experience

  • I have been teaching Botany in Gargi college since 1984
  • In 1996 I developed a research lab and have been doing research in addition to teaching since 1996.
  • I have been a Fellow to the Centre of Science Education and Communication since 1991.
  • I an engaged in developing Experimental kits for Science Teaching in schools. This is in collaboration with NCERT(see my user page)
  • I have organised numerous workshops and symposia, and have participated in many.
  • Conducted a F2F WE workshop in Gargi College for the Facuty in January 2009.
  • Conducted two Online Workshops on WikiEducator in May & June 2009.

Evidence of Mediawiki editing skills

  • I am a WikiBuddy(see my user page.
  • I have participated in two L4C workshops
F2F workshop at ANDC in New Delhi. Oct.3 to 5, 2008
eL4C15 workshop Nov.24 to Dec. 5, 2008
Register on the site|hereand see the recordings of a Live Session.
I have done both these workshops to understand both the modes of L4C and to develop and polish my WikiEducator Skills.
  • My page has been selected for the UPE Award for December 2008.

Why am I submitting an expression of interest for the L4C initiative

I am submitting an expression of interest for the L4C initiative because:

I want to organize a workshop for Lecturers and Readers from different disciplines taught at Gargi College. I have been discussing about WikiEducator with Lecturers and Readers who teach subjects ranging from languages like English, Hindi and Sanskrit; Commerce subjects; Arts subjects like History, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology to Science subjects like Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry and Microbiology.

They have shown a lot of enthusiasm about the concept and are interested in joining this endeavour. A workshop involving many subject experts will add WikiEducators who will be able to add meaningful content pages. I will be able to encourage them to be ambassadors for spreading WikiEducator concept to their friends in other collages too who teach the same subject.

My 25+ years of teaching at Gargi College has given me a platform to be an Educator for the teachers of the college.

I have organized many successful workshops in Gargi College and University of Delhi.

I feel that I will be able to build-up a strong WikiEducator Node in Gargi College which will continue to motivate more educators.

I would like to hold this Three days workshop named
"WikiEducator-Gargi 2009" F2F L4C
for 15 to 20 participants, all Lecturers and Readers, on January 13 to 15, 2009, in Gargi College.

This is the time when House-Exams will be going on and the Computer Labs will be free to hold the workshop. Rest of the time, regular computer practical classes are held in these labs.

I have already discussed with the Principal of the College and have got her approval for conducting the workshop and making available facilities of computer labs and an Audio-visuals Seminar room for the three days (Her signed document, as required, will soon be uploaded here.)

I have appointed a Reader in Chemistry who uses the computer labs as the coordinator with me for the workshop.

An organizing committee with three members has also been finalized for the workshop.

I have discussed with probable guest speakers also.

I have designed the Poster and the circular for the workshop and now will wait for COL approval.

Letter from Principal, Gargi College'

pdf file is attached here File:Workshop Gargi Principal.pdf

Resume for F2F

More About Me<s/>

  • <s>Name: Dr. Gita Mathur<s/>
    • <s> Contact details<s/>
    • <s> Country of residence<s/>
    • <s> Citizenship<s/>
    • <s> Current position<s/>
    • <s> Educational qualifications<s/>
    • <s> Summary of work experience / career history<s/>
    • <s> Details of facilitation and/or teaching experience<s/>
    • <s> Evidence of Mediawiki editing skills, for example links to pages created in WikiEducator or other Mediawiki sites.<s/>
    • Short paragraph motivating why you are submitting an expression of interest for the L4C initiative.