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Video on Movement on touch in Mimosa Plant coming soon :-)

See this one I learnt to make at eL4C15 online workshop I am participating in, Nov.24 to Dec. 5, 2008

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Note about this video: -->
'Black Pepper' is cultivated in Kerala, a State in the Southern part of India. The pictures in this Video are of Fresh Black peppers which were brought to me yesterday by my Undergraduate Student Drishya Nair. These pictures have been clicked by me today (Dec. 2, 2008). Young Peppers are green, become dark, then red with maturation. (Note these 'Stages of Development' in the pictures.) These are then harvested and cured to get the commercial Black Pepper used as a spice the world over. My students are very enthusiastic young Botanists! Thanks Drishya.

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