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  1. Promoting WikiEducator to teachers and students of my college community.
  2. Guiding and sharing new developments on WikiEducator with people in the Wiki community and local community; See photographs section on my page
  3. Collaborating with Education Specialists at COL and internationally by attending workshops and WE Launches.
  4. Emailing my Old and current students, teachers in other colleges, friends in research labs and all my contacts about my WE activities by sending links to my page.
  5. My user page has been added on the official website of an Indian government body as WIKIEDUCATOR HELP, see the link on the page.
  6. As the Manager of the Google Discussion Group of WikiEducator-India I am inviting and adding new members from India and preventing Spam from entering the discussion.
  7. I have facilitated a F2F workshop in Gargi College, University of Delhi, India. More than 30 Faculty members from various disciplines became WikiEducators. Many of them have reached WikiBuddy and even WikiArtisan certifications. See the link for L4C34 report and photos above.
  8. Facilitated two online workshops EL4C26 and EL4C27 jointly with Nellie Deutsch. Prepared slide shows presentations for the workshops as user help. Compiled all emailed instructions for the 10-Days workshops for help of future facilitators. See links to EL4C26 and EL4C27.
  9. Actively participate in live online sessions on WikiEducator.
  10. I distribute free CD's and folders on pendrive to my students for them to become WiliEducators. These folders have the workshop Manual I had prepared for Gargi Workshop.
  11. Volunteered with Ramesh as Facilitator for online workshop EL4C37  of Patricia.