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Topics for level 2

Unit 1


  • Present Continuous


  • Review of numbers
  • Physical description Adjectives
  • Clothes
  • Look Like

The students will get in groups of five in order to do a UAA Fashion Day Project so they have to:

  1. Choose which role they will have: narrator or model.
  2. Design their collection: at least two outfits.
  3. Write a description of each outfit and model.
  4. Present their project in front of the group.

Grading Rubric for the Presentation

Grammar Content Pronunciation Fluency
Excellent Ss rarely makes grammar mistakes. Ss uses 8 or more new vocabulary words. Ss usually pronounces words correctly Ss is always easy to understand.
Good Ss sometimes makes grammar mistakes. Ss uses 5 to 7 new vocabulary words. Ss sometimes pronounces words correctly. Ss is usually easy to understand.
Needs improvement Ss often makes grammar mistakes. Ss uses less than 4 new vocabulary words. Ss rarely pronounces words correctly. Ss is often hard to understand.

Suggestions to search on the web:

  1. E! Entertainment Television
  2. French Fashion Blog
  3. Celebrity Fashion Blog
  4. Fashion and Beauty Blog
  5. Style Web site

If you have any question or doubt about your project please contact: