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Dear Bryan

My name is Giora and I am a 16 years old male.First of all I want to regret about your Dad,my grandfather died too of cancer when I was a 7 years old.If you not opponent I telling about me and my family.I am a student at Ort Guttman school.I have alot of friend here and it is very fun.furthermore i have a great teachers that help very much.I am in beotechnology mujor,I think that it very interesting subject.After school I go to Swim,actually i swim a 12 years and I think that is one of important things of my life.In my spare time I play the guitar. It is my hobby.In my family outside my parents I have my best friend and his name Boni,actually it is my dog (husky). --Giora gabay 11:12, 25 November 2008 (UTC)