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Letter from Bryan! Dear Israeli partner, My name is Bryan Doyle and I am a 16 year old male from Denver, Colorado. I am a junior at Mullen High School. I live with my mom and two sisters. My dad died when I was 12 of cancer. I enjoy going snowboarding, but that should be obvious because that is what people from Colorado are known for. I also enjoy watching American football games and hanging out with my friends. I have one pet, which happens to a dog named K.C. She is a golden retriever. My favorite sport to watch is American football. The sports that I play are snowboarding and I also run track and cross-country. I am taking five classes in school right now, which are Computer Graphics, Bioethics, Trigonometry, Holocaust, and a P.E. class. I like every one of those classes except for trigonometry. I am a Catholic and have attended Catholic schools throughout my life, so I don't know many Jewish people. I am partially familiar with the Holocaust. I know the basics of it, for example, about the horrible reign of Hitler and all of the concentration camps. As you probably know, the United States has just elected a new president. Barack Obama defeated John McCain, which I am thrilled about. I believe he can lead America to a great future and help resolve many conflicts in the world. I heard that you also had major elections recently. How do you feel about the people that were elected? Are you happy about the results? So tell me about yourself. How's your family? What sports do you play? , Answer to Bryan! My name is Giora and I am a 16 years old male. First of all I want to regret about your Dad, my grandfather died too of cancer when I was a 7 years old. If you not opponent I telling about me and my family. I am a student at Ort Guttman School. I have a lot of friend here and it is very fun.furthermore i have a great teachers that help very much. I am in biotechnology major think that it very interesting subject. After school I go to Swim,actually i swim a 12 years and I think that is one of important things of my life.In my spare time I play the guitar. It is my hobby. In my family outside my parents I have my best friend and his name Boni,actually it is my dog (husky).I just think that we can be good friend.

Letter from Bryan (Replay) I am absolutely open to hear about you and your family. I am perfectly fine with hearing about your daily life. That is actually what i would like to know. I am very impressed that you like biotechnology. I don't quite know what biotechnology has to deal with but it sounds pretty complicated. Like you with biotechnology, I am interested in astronomy. I think that the whole universe is an interesting subject. Like I said, I run track and cross country, so I don't know much about swimming. Some of my friends are swimmers but the most I know about swimming is probably Michael Phelps. Do you like Michael Phelps? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Are you a native of Israel?

Answer to Bryan (Replay) First of all I am very sorry that I don't reply to your message I was sick. Now I healthy I guess. About your questions, I know very good Michael Phelps, actually it one of my favorite swimmers. I hope that I will be like him. I have a little brother, who sometimes make me crazy, but it is ok we are very good friend and we helping each other. About the third question, yes i am a native Israel, In our country people who born in Israel call Israeli people. I am very happy that i am Your partner, and if I don't wrong you and your class doing project about holocaust so if you want you can ask me some question I answer you because my grandfather and my grand mom know about this hard period sorry for my English it is not my mother tongue, and I hope to hear from you soon.!!! If you got msn so give and we can talk in live...

Letter from Gina! Dear Israeli partner, My name is Gina, I will be 18 on November 29. I am a female.So I guess you will want to know a little bit about me! I have a sister, Kristi, who is 27 and a brother, Dan, who just turned 25. My sister is married and has two little boys, Corbin, age 5, and Dante, age 4. Both of my nephews live with me and my parents. I've lived in the same house all of my life. I have one dog whose 5 years old named Mel, he's a Bishon Frise, which is a small, white dog. He's always with me when I'm not at school or at work. Mel is really really smart and stobborn as can be. I love music, all different kinds! For Halloween my boyfriend, Jackson and I went to the 3oh!3 concert, which was really really good! I'm constantly listening to music and i try to find new music whenever I can! I love to sing and write my own songs. I'm currently finishing my first CD which will hopefully be done this month. Drama is a favorite past time of mine. I love working with both the technical and acting part of theater.This last year I started a hair crew in the theater department which was a totally new opportunity for me. I've acted in many of the musicals and plays at my school and I've even directed a one act. I absolutely enjoy reading! I love long books and books that really make you think. My two favorite series are The Sword of Truth and The Twilight Sega. I'm rarely found without my nose stuck in a book.

I work for a catering company called Epicurean Catering. we serve food for sit down dinners, and buffets. I'm actually going to work right after school today and I will be there until about 10 tonight. I love working, I know that sounds very weird, but I do. I like having a task and getting it done right. 

I am taking Biotechnology, English IV honors, United States Government honors, Relationships and Sexuality, and Holocaust. I like all of my classes so far, but I am sure that I'll get tired of them. For now I'm really happy with this year and excited for next year and collage! My mother was raised Catholic but left the church in her early 20's. My father was raised Lutheren and when my parents married my mother became Lutheren, so my whole life I have been a member of the Lutheren church. my beleifs do not really work with just one religion, but I do beleive in God. I can't wait to hear from you! Tell me about yourself, what you like, what you do in your free time, or just whatever is on your mind! I heard that you just had an election, who was elected and what did you think about it? Hope to hear from you soon! Gina Replay to Gina My name is Giora and I am a 17 years old male. If you not opponent I telling about me and my family. I am a student at Ort Guttmann School. I have a lot of friend here and we like to do fun together in the school and after school. Furthermore I have great teachers that help very much. I am in biotechnology major think that it very interesting subject. After school I go to Swim, actually I swim a 12 years and I think that is one of important things in my life. In my spare time I play the guitar. It is my hobby. The bands that I very like are Metallica, Simple plane, Papa roach and more.. In my family outside my parents I have my best friend and his name Boni,actually it is my dog (husky).I just think that we can be good friend. I hope to hear from you soon. Cya!! And sorry for my English.. I know that I got many mistakes..

Where Is God? To Bryan! In this hard period, Jewish people believed that the god was in the sky and the fact that he protected them, but many people stopped believing because they asked themselves if god is really in the sky watching why didn't he help them? Why should they go through this suffering? So this period makes people change their faith and their approach to the life. From Bryan! Giora, I agree with you when you say that many people lost their faith in God. They saw all of these terrible crimes being committed and they just gave up on the slightest thought of his existence. Many of these people went through terrible things I couldn't imagine ever having to watch. Especially, when they saw the three people get hanged in the camp. When that man said "Where is God, now?" Elie wrote that He was hanging. I believe Elie meant that God was there with the people when they were killed. He was there when they suffered and he always will be. Bryan

Final Reflections

From Bryan! Giora, I enjoyed reading the book Night. I thought it was a great book to see what happened during the holocaust. It was a great way for Elie Wiesel to tell his story of the pain he was given during the genocide. He helped the world open their eyes to how the Jews were treated as if they were sub-human. I think Elie showed a ton of bravery in telling the whole world about what happened. It was great to get to know you Giora and thanks for writing back and sharing your thoughts with me. Bryan To Bryan Answer! First of all I agree with you it is very good book i very enjoyed too. It very exciting and hard for me. I can say that i very like this kind of story, couse I feel that I one of them, one of that Jews people who died. I thank you too that I did this project with you.. I nice person// giora

Silence Letter From Bryan! Dear Giora, I believe silence plays a huge role in letting the world know the atrocities committed toward the Jews during the holocaust. If the victims of the genocide were to stay quiet, then no one would know how bad they have been treated. When we were silent to the plight of the victims, it was as if the rest of the world just didn't want to get involved. It seemed that the world didn't care for the suffering that the Jews were enduring, as long as they weren't involved in it. Silence, obviously is an important part when Elie's dad is getting beat up also. If he remained silent, then he would just see his father get beaten which is what happened. If Elie had spoken up or done something, his father could have been hurt even more, or by some chance been able to get away. What are your opinions on this topic? Bryan

Answer to Bryan! You right the silence really plays huge role, all the World Know about Jews problem. The Jews People died because there Are people .I don't know why the died. They blood are different then them? Why the Nazi behavior so disgusting and cruel? No one can answer to this question.

Morality to Survival Letter from Bryan! Dear Giora, I think there is a sense of morality to survival. One example from Night where someone didn't stop at anything to survive is when the old man's son killed his own father just to get the piece of bread that someone threw on the train. He killed his dad just so he, himself, could live. I think that is terrible. Another example from Night is when Elie was told to eat his father's ration of food. He was told to stop feeding his father because his father was dying. He kept feeding his father, though, because Elie knew that would be a terrible thing to do. He chose to give his father the respect he deserved instead of treating him as if he already died. I would do whatever is necessary for my survival as long as it didn't harm anyone else (except the people I was against, like the Nazis.) I hate to admit it, but I would probably harm my "attackers" if it meant my survival. Bryan Letter to Bryan! Survive it is one of important things in their period. People did everything to survive, but a lot of them don't succied.The Example that you give very good and very reflect that people who did everything to survive, and people did very terrible thing to live, because the live is important.

Indifference or helplessness Giora, I believe that Elie was just scared that he may to be beaten up. I don't think that Elie had become a person that would do absolutely anything to survive. He may just have been shocked at the fact his father was getting mauled. I think that an average kid would also just be too afraid to jump in to the mugging, maybe because of the size of the attackers, but I know for a fact it wasn't because he just wanted to survive. Bryan Letter to Brayn I agree with you Elie was scared, This war are Change many people, people who before the war been frightened became a brave. And this war force people to learn who to survive.

Survivors who Champion human rights

Letter from Bryan!

Dear Giora, I think Elie Wiesel is a champion of human rights because he is reminding people to be aware of the terrible atrocities that this world has had to endure. After surviving the holocaust, he wrote night which was his way of retelling his account of the genocide. His retelling of the Holocaust is a human right he uses to tell the world to be aware. What I'm trying to say is that it is his right as a human to tell others that there are bad people in the world that you need to know about to try to prevent another mass genocide. Hope to hear about your opinion. Bryan

Letter to Bryan

I agree with you in 100%.Elie is champion of human right. This war homily People to hide oneself of their true.

Belief, Indifference, and Denial"

FROM BRYAN Giora, Moishe the Beadle is a character that exemplifies "Belief." He wants the people of his town to believe him about the war coming closer to their lives. He believed what the Nazis were actually doing when everyone else didn't. He was also a strong believer in God. Elie showed indifference when his father was being beaten up. He didn't know whether to go and help his father and risk being beaten up himself or let them hurt his father. Elie wasn't able to make an impromptu decision until his dad was already mugged. The people of Elie and Moishe's town showed the characteristic of "Denial" in their actions. They chose not to listen to Moishe's idea of the war. They denied the thought of the Nazis coming to them. Bryan TO BRYAN Hello! I read your answer and this subject is very interesting agree with you about the denial of their situation because they sure that the god will help them and not give to kill them. There believe at god are so strong that they sure that the not gone died.

my reflection

I think that this project is very interesting and fun, because in this project I meet I great partner "Bryan". This subject that the teacher chose was very hard for me and very interesting to find out some new things that I didn’t know before. It is very fun to share with someone about this subject because it is very hard to hear about the Jews people who died in the second War World, and when someone talks with you it is make a good feeling. In the project I learn about my treatment for the subject because in my first letter I thought that this project is not important but during the correspondence I understood how important for me and for others people who are Jews.